Jayne Persch
...dancer, teacher, choreographer, therapist... dreamer ~
Hypaxis      Briah

   I believe

          … in the power of posture

      the beauty of gesture

                                   and the majesty of the human spirit ~ 

      I work with the body  & the mind

               through movement, the new sciences and the arts,

                    in a clinical setting, classroom studio &  through performance......


                      With people    ~  some -  dancers and artists,

          students and teachers...... collaborators, with communities

  and life inspirations...life lessons ~

                           & perhaps~ with you!



Jayne Persch Avignon France
Telephone: USA 1.949.254-0020
Guest Artist/Faculty  Boulder Ballet, Colorado Ballet,  Denver School for the Arts, Ballet Nouveau Colorado; Longmont Dance Theatre
Bellini House, Piazza delle Carceri 2, Castello di Murlo, 53016 SI Italy 333 3643117 ~
Email:  jperschco@mac.com