BRiah ~ 
Movement for Body & soul

BRIAH ~ Movement

for Body & Soul


means 'life-spirit' or 'life-force'.....

I bend to the power of that image...
to the energy of life ~

I am fascinated by the coalescing of patterns in time and space - 
in THIS time....
in THIS space....

in THIS human form

SPIRIT shows itself in the process of living ~
and being
human ~
I continue with rehabilitating the broken, torn – the pushed and pulled muscles and frames to rediscover the power of the psyche, the memories and emotions. This leads me into psychology and counseling where I have come to believe that the medicine of the future is an understanding the ‘confluence of body and spirit’
My work grows from a lifetime of experiences;  from so many years of study and correlations, from some of the greatest teachers and minds and also having the greatest of opportunities to teach and work with so many children and adults. Each person has brought a wonder load of material and information that confirms; affirms what I have learned in bridging material from my mentors in dance and the arts, physiology, psychology, physics and the new sciences. 
As a body therapist, doctor, psychologist, teacher or creator discover a  new way  to see, feel and respond ~
For Caretakers, Doctors, Nurses, and Therapists – 
    If you remembered that a muscle corresponds to an organ, in a system and to an emotion - could you use that information to understand a dis-ease?  Or perhaps if, in working on the physical aspects of the illness – nothing was working…. Could you then possibly look into the psychological/emotional-mental entrapment in the organ and muscles of that person?

    This work is derived from multiple movement forms including classical ballet, contemporary and modern  dance; Tai Chi, Yoga, Eurythmy, Qi Gong, Alexander Technique,and Feldenkrais ATMs . 
 BRIAHWork incorporates Eastern and Western traditional medicine, quantum physics, new and alternative approaches to medicine and well-being as well as my training in physical and massage therapy including craniosacral therapy, acupressure/acupuncture, energy medicine techniques, and  psychology.
The development of BriahWork is an outgrowth of years of training with great minds and spirits such as Drs. Michael Conforti, Yoram Kaufman, and F. David Peat through the Assisi Conferences and Seminars as well as the Pari Center for New Learning; the full curriculum in Craniosacral Therapy created by Dr. John Upledger from basic through advanced, clinical applications to obstetric and pediatrics and  Masters Degrees in Dance in Education and Psychology. 

The awareness and consciousness derived through my work in the studio with dancers, musicians and artists have simply brought me to more wonder.  I have applied  my studies to movement,  physical therapy, craniosacral and  therapeutic massage, counselling, and consultations.  I feel privileged to have witnessed wonders.

From dancer/artist, to bodyworker and psychology, to movement in education ~ the journey is endless in my work with being human.

Please contact me for further information and descriptions for

Through looking at the human process of being, studying the Arts and the new sciences, medicine and color and tone. . 
	Imagine!!! That we are star dust, coalescing and gathering to form this magnificent body!  

BRiahWork Course Designs.doc


An Alternative Approach to:

Movement & Dance  -

Body/Mind & Mind/Body Therapies,

Created by Jayne Persch

A new perspective  on the Arts, Psychology, Philosophy and Lightworking

Grounded & Reaching
Light & still rooted!

BRIAH is a Kabalistic word meaning – life spirit.
It is another word for chi and also means ever - creating - anew.... 

I begin always as a dancer and an artist with an acute awareness of the body, its emotions and the power of the mind – with the rhythms of life and creativity!

Let’s Dance ~ 
BRIAH Movement
Come and pulse the rhythms of your life -your story. Discover,connect, touch and share
the wonders of the body, mind, psyche/soul and s/Spirit. 
 In dance the movement is somehow a different quality or energy   - spirit seems to shine!  
 What is the bridge between body and energy, mind and spirit and body? What is your connection and relationship to other...
I will share what I have learned... walk and dance with you for a moment in time. Then take it and fly ~
 It is not magic. It is the weaving  of the energies of every student, dancer, choreographer, scientist, artist - person with whom I have shared a brief moment in time!
As a dancer - COME  -  blend movement, tone, color  - KNOW YOUR BODY, YOUR ENERGY ... tell the story, carry the histories, structure the patterns, be the architect of your design,  visible music, moving colors, rhythms, wavelengths,  ~ weave the wonder!
For Dancers and Artists -
         This training program includes classes in dance & movement, a practicum in teaching and choreography; the opportunities to teach, choreograph and dance with BRIAH Contemporary Dance Company and to present work nationally and internationally.  Open eyes to a new feeling  - in, with and through the arts.
 For Performers, Artists – 
        If you know where an emotion is housed in your body… and you can originate a movement from this place – think of the power in that movement!  Feel the energy that you can portray in a simple posture or gesture or a grand movement in dance. AND, if you know that colors and tones correspond to muscles and organs and emotions – could you use that information to interpret music or design sets and costumes, lighting as well as movement? For visual artists ~ look as for the body to show the  emotion - photograph, draw, paint visual,  pure and raw feelings ~ recall and remember, connect your work into the souls of the observer~

As Teachers in movement, dance, body awareness –
     We are responsible for the effects of not only ‘what’ we do but ‘how’ we do it. The way we teach will always be with a student – whether they become dancers or Indian chiefs.  It is woven into the fabric of their being – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Through the training of their muscles we affect, their organs and system of their bodies.  Through our choices of music, rhythm, melody and tone we effect how they grow, shift and change.  We are responsible for the balancing of each student as we put him or her through the rigors of training.  We do not have to damage a body not a mind or diminish a spirit in reaching toward an excellence.  The goal of any physical training is rather toward health… So, in this sense, dance and movement can be used to enhance the well-being of all its students.  This Approach can be used as a therapeutic alternative both in and out of the classroom.

For Movement Companies, School/Conservatories & Individual Dancers
BriahWork /The Persch Approach may also be used and introduced to companies and individual dancers as a preventative and rehabilitative modality as well as a alternative or deeper tool in coaching and teaching that furthers an understanding of individual bodies in movement.  This Approach may produce both longevity for dancers and an exquisite movement quality for individual and ensemble work. As it creates an ‘connective- ness’ through the use of the new sciences information.